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    Author's Page for Yvonne Wilcox "I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her  Hot Chocolate. ...

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Bear Market Investing Strategies: 37 Recession-Proof Ideas to Grow Your Wealth - Including Inverse ETFs, Put Options, Gold & Cryptocurrency #AudioBook


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Do you have a repeatable investing process to help you manage your portfolio in arguably the most uncertain market environment in history?

With 47.25 million unemployment claims in the US alone, household names like Hertz, Neiman Marcus, and J.C. Penney declaring bankruptcy, and the Fed’s balance sheet now sitting at over $7 trillion, a full-blown recession is now a matter of when, and not if.

Now, the average person loses 33 percent of their wealth in a recession. And in the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market dropped a whopping 57 percent in just two years. Which means, if you’re relying on the market or a pension fund for your nest egg, you need to be prepared for what is coming.

Fortunately, inside this book, we lay out the straight facts (spoiler alert: there is no V-shaped recovery) as well as giving you practical advice on how to protect and even grow your wealth in a recession. Because, in the seed of crisis comes great opportunity.

Investing legend Porter Stansberry (who correctly predicted the demise of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and General Motors) said this about the current times we’re in: “Now is an unbelievable opportunity to establish a position in high-quality 'forever' businesses.

”Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

If you currently have even a single ounce of gold or silver stored in a bank safe deposit box, it is at risk of being legally confiscated by the US government. This sounds absurd, but it’s happened before. Learn why. How to get all the protection of owning US government bonds with nothing more than your regular brokerage account. Two “beginner friendly” low-risk options strategies to protect your portfolio and gain extra monthly income. The number one asset to own during a market crash. And no, it’s not gold, silver, or Bitcoin. Are you making this gold buying mistake? You should never buy gold this way, but it’s exactly what most new investors do. How to avoid getting swindled by the next Bernie Madoff. The four tell-tale signs of fraudulent investment operators. The “bargain hunter” problem. How ordinary investors lost over $500 million betting on oil prices and how you can avoid the same fate. The number one gold Investment you can make today. 

During the last gold bull market, this investment grew more than 500 percent. This time, it’s poised to go even higher. Should you include cryptocurrency in your portfolio? If yes, which ones? The three industries hit hardest in a bear market. If too much of your portfolio is in these sectors, you’re at risk of massive losses. One thing every investor should know about inverse ETFs. How the “Warren Buffett of Short Selling” makes his investments. A unique way to buy your favorite blue chip stocks like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, or Amazon at massive discounts. And much, much more.

We’re not doom-and-gloomers, but we are realists. These next 18-24 months are not going to be pretty. 

Color Bug from the Grey Ice Machines Album by Anankè #LeCoudrayMontceaux #France #Alternative #Gothic #Rock


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The band, in fact the side project Anankè, has been created in 2010. The first album "Grey ice machines" has been finish and publish in 2016 by Tunecore. The music is pricipaly sent on internet on numeric form. The second album, "The year of Belzebuth", is on writing. 

It's a noisy gothic music with male voice, influences rock and a few metal, with dark and melancholic melodys. The general atmosphere is pretty dark. It seems a little bit to Type o negative and Bauhaus, and it keeps in a black musical tonality.

New Mexico Way from the Brick by Brick Album by John Vento #BMI #Rock #RootsRock #Pittsburgh #PA #NewMexico


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John Vento has been entertaining people with this original music for over 30 years.  He is a mix of John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen with a little Joe Cocker thrown in for good measure. John has a fanbase in the United States and abroad. Enjoy.

Solitude Performed by: Xematria formerly Bri 333 #RnB


Xematria, formerly known as Bri 333, is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Illinois. Her roots are South African and Italian. Shortly after she took interest in singing and poetry at age 6, she began her journey as an artist. All throughout high school she attended guitar and vocal lessons, as well as ballet and pointe at a performing arts school. During this time she recorded original songs and covers in her room, but they have never been released. 

She was always writing, but it was never material she could see herself recording and releasing, until 2019. That year was dark but gave her the material she needed to move forward and create the art she desired to share with the world. Late 2019 she recorded and released her first single “ICU In Me”, what her listeners call “a certified classic”, as well as “Beautiful End”, a dreamy yet sassy single. She released her next single “Under pressure”, as well as "No.9", "Break me down" and "Potentia", Her first radio play was a Stonebridge anthem mix of her song "Under Pressure" in 2022. Xematria is currently working on numerous singles and her first EP. 

Being an independent artist leaves her with creating and executing her plan, which she expressed was “difficult but rewarding... my fanbase and the way they express how my music makes them feel means the world to me and is great motivation.  They are truly some of the most kind hearted people I've spoken to, and Im so grateful that music is what connects us all”. 

Her next Project "Solitude" will be available late September.
Until then listen to No. 9 which was recorded under her former name BRI 333

Until Then Please Listen To No. 9 

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Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing: Mobile Home Investing, Reits, Commercial Properties, Multifamily, Airbnb & Tax Lien Certificates #REIT #Investment #AudioBook


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Real estate investing has great growth potential, and you can make money in a variety of funding streams.

This book will give you real, practical, and useful tools to help you decide how to proceed. Creating passive income can provide you the opportunity to grow your wealth and improve your financial portfolio.

Specifically, I will explain how you can use real estate investing as a passive income platform.

Follow along, as I guide you through six approaches to real estate investing: Multi-family housing, mobile homes, real estate investment trusts, commercial property, Airbnb investing, and tax lien certificates.

In Your Arms Performed by: Cockney Boy #Music


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Cockney Boy states that he didn't have a good start in life. He also said that he has always had love for music for a lot of years. 

He wants fans and potential fans to know that he has been learning about music, so he could get his name out there and help others.

The Dropout TV SHOW ∙ DRAMA #TVShow #Drama #iPhone #iPad #Apple

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Money. Romance. Tragedy. Deception. From Executive Producer Elizabeth Meriwether, “The Dropout” is the story of Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) and Theranos, an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong. How did the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire lose it all in the blink of an eye?

REIT Investing: The Complete Guide for Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts. Maximize Your Returns and Supercharge Your Income #REIT #AudioBook


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Unlock the secrets of successful REIT investing with this comprehensive guide! Discover the many benefits of investing in real estate investment trusts, including steady income streams, potential for capital appreciation, low volatility, and diversification. Learn how to assess the financial health of REITs, understand interest rate and currency risk, and make informed decisions about your portfolio. 

With in-depth market analysis and expert insights, this book is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to maximize their REIT investments and achieve their financial goals. Get ready to join the real estate game and make your wealth grow with REITs!