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Cinema8 Delivers The Next Generation Interactive Video Technology Through Their Intuitive Studio

Innovative video content creation platform, Cinema8, brings the future of video technology to clients amidst rave reviews from users across different industries.

Overview of The Cinema8 Platform
Cinema8 brings the next generation interactive video technology, with support for several kinds of video interaction and user engagement on linear and 360 videos. The brains behind the platform have structured it in a way to combine versatility with user-friendliness, delivering a truly creative tool for all industries and helping users to create an immersive experience for viewers.

The features and functionalities of Cinema are suitable for gamification, filmmaking, marketing and sales, and e-learning, helping to enhance the teaching and learning experience and ultimately ensure improved performance. Other available solutions on Cinema8 are AR-360° with interactive widgets for creating 360-degrees videos and implementing AR solutions, e-commerce for showcasing products using engaging videos, financial services, FMCG for creating an interactive marketing strategy to improve customer’s loyalty, healthcare to enhance communication for professionals and patients, automotive, education, agencies, and a host of others.

Features Of Cinema8
Cinema8 is designed as an intuitive video studio to help people create videos with interactive, eye-catching, and unique features that drive engagement. Modules of Cinema8 are Interactive Video, Cinema8 Synch, Streaming and Storage, Live Streaming, 8Play | Tube, and Analytics.

The easy-to-navigate tool allows users to easily drag and drop elements for the video as well as add questions, feedback, buttons, overlays, custom forms, and clickable areas, amongst others. Users can also create interactive stories, interactive experiences, engaging 360° augmented reality videos, automatically generate analytics reports for data gathering, and leverage a constantly evolving library of ready-to-use widgets, or develop powerful video widgets to integrate.

Cinema8 also has other resources that make it an all-inclusive video creation ecosystem for forward-thinking professionals and organizations, with the University8 providing a collection of courses, video tutorials, and guides to help users get started on the right path. There is also Community8, an online community to share ideas and network with other users, and Play8, a library of some of the best interactive videos created by passionate members of the Cinema8 community.

Feedback From Users Of Cinema8
Cinema8 has grown in popularity across industries, with a plethora of success stories from major brands in different parts of the world. “Since we are an educational institution, we wanted our students to take a quiz while watching the lecture video without going away from the video. Thanks to Cinema8, we have had this infrastructure. We are able to view and evaluate the detailed reporting data of the videos and exam results on the analytics page of Cinema8,” said Kerem Atar, Digital Operation Center Executive, Just English.

The brains behind Cinema8 have also expressed their readiness to work with organizations to deliver the best experience.

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