Counseling Connection Releases Guide on Children’s Mental Health Crisis

Do you have your own practice? Have you been making call after call to prospective clients, just to tell them you have no availability to help? Administration can be a huge burden.

A lot of people are looking for mental health support right now, but scheduling appointments as a private practitioner can be very stressful. Especially if you’re always in session.

This innovative platform will make it easier than ever to find the right people while taking the stress out of your schedule.

Parents may consider building a routine for their children to help predictability and protect their mental health during difficult times. Communities can also help by urging local, state, and federal legislators to invest in programs that support children’s mental health. Therapists can build relationships with pediatricians to help support youth struggling with mental health.

People interested in learning more about how to help the national emergency on children’s mental health can go to the Counseling Connection Get Started page to learn more.

Nancy Cowden
Counseling Connection
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