Generator Hijacked – Haiti Hospital Reopens with Quick Help from US Supporters

Hôpital Sainte-Croix in Leogane Haiti reopens doors for patients now that power is restored.

The Medical Benevolence Foundation has partnered with HSC for six decades. Reopening the hospital was a top priority for the MBF team. Soon, a replacement generator was located - the last one in Haiti suitable for the hospital's needs - and a police escort for delivery was arranged. Stepping out on faith that the funds would materialize, MBF made the purchase and got the ball rolling for delivery. By Monday evening, various individuals and foundations around the US began to respond. MBF has a page on its website dedicated to the hospital and hopes to raise the $75,000 it expects the total project to cost when done.

“You never want to see the loss of the primary source of emergency medical care for a region that includes almost 500,000 people” said Andrew Mayo, CEO of MBF. “HSC is the only medical facility in the area where a woman needing an emergency C-section can find a doctor 24 hours a day – seven days a week. It was literally a matter of life and death to get the hospital reopened."

The Medical Benevolence Foundation will use donations to cover the new generator and transport costs, and any additional gifts will go toward a solar power project previously started. You can give to help the hospital at

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