John Lawrence Releases Highly-Anticipated Sequel to Best Selling Debut Memoir "Playing Doctor"

"The initial impetus for writing the late night on-call in the hospital email blasts that were the genesis of the story was simply to entertain friends with the fun stories that happened in the hospital. I suppose it is part of what makes us human, telling stories to each other. I hoped my honest tales of a medical student and resident’s life and experiences, confessing to the humor, the fears, confusions of learning how students become doctors; confessing that we, as medical professionals, don’t always know exactly what we’re doing, and also sharing some insight into how dedicated and hard working the medical community truly is—maybe something that has been a bit more visible this year with the Covid pandemic. " 
John Lawrence

About John Lawrence:

John Lawrence was born in New York, grew up England, and attended Georgetown University where he told his career advisor that the only thing he did not want to be was a doctor. He subsequently survived medical school and residency training in Utah.

John was not the typical medical student, sneaking out of the hospital whilst on-call to audition for television shows; writing film scripts (The Cyclist, available on Amazon!) and working to overcome his imposter syndrome. John’s varied non-medical resume includes river rafting guide, ski race coach, bagel baker, screenwriter, film director, and expedition doctor climbing Kilimanjaro with Olympic Hall of Fame athlete Chris Waddell.

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