Niagara Institute Launches Guide On How To Motivate Employees

If you’re struggling with motivating employees, you’re not alone. One of the many consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was demotivation among employees.

“We’ve heard from many of our program participants that one of their greatest challenges they currently face is how to motivate their employees,” says Gavin Brown, Executive Director at Niagara Institute. “Understanding what leads to demotivation, the signs to watch for to determine if someone is demotivated, and how to create the right conditions to increase motivation is the first step leaders should take. Our new guide provides managers and supervisors the knowledge on how they influence employee motivation, as well as practical and applicable tips on how to turn around demotivated employees.”

For more information about this guide or the programs, custom solutions, and coaching packages Niagara Institute offers, visit the company’s website.

About Niagara Institute
Founded in 1971, The Niagara Institute is dedicated to providing highly relevant learning experiences to the everyday leader. With a network of leading content partners and topics spanning from leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, and business acumen, the Institute is able to provide high potentials, people managers, seasoned leaders, and human resources teams the content they need when they need it, anywhere in the world. In addition to training programs, the Niagara Institute offers coaching services, assessments, advisory services, and custom training programs.

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Niagara Institute
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