Nine-Year-Old Zoe Emetanjo Writes Children's Book; Set for Release on February 14

The book takes readers on a magical adventure with Zoe and her dog Zelda.

The audiobook was played for Zoe's third-grade class, and the other students enjoyed the book and gave great feedback, as did teachers and parents.

Zoe was born in Dallas and currently lives in Irving, Texas. She is bi-racial, as Zoe's father, Chidi Emetanjo, was born in Nigeria and her mom, Misty, is Caucasian. She is an only child and is Nigerian royalty – her middle name, Oluchi, means the work of God in the Igbo dialect.

At the pandemic's beginning, Zoe spent two years at school in England. She loves playing video games, especially Fortnite, and has been raised in the Christian faith. She already has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

“Zoe and the Land of Storm Clouds” will be released on Books of Zoe, a book club owned by the young entrepreneur. Chidi has completely supported Zoe's efforts and helped her create the book and the book club. He is involved heavily in the technology industry. He is a Certified Agilist and currently a program manager for Deloitte in the systems engineering department. He has also sponsored Books of Zoe and her book through his company, Visaatech, which helps companies create and operate virtual spaces to extend their brand presence while maximizing engagement with their clients and employees and reinventing their business verticals.

In the future, Zoe plans on opening a book club charity that will donate used books and school supplies to unfortunate kids in Africa and worldwide.

To preorder “Zoe and the Land of Storm Clouds,” visit

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