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Open Arms Performed by: Paint a Piano Purple

I have been writing (and singing) my own songs on the piano since I was 4. (I have the recorded tapes of me from that age.) I always found my way to the piano as a way to release emotion or to process feelings of love, joy, hurt, confusion, sadness, etc. It's the first time I'm recording all my songs professionally and putting my self out there. My profession as a grief & cancer psychotherapist allows me to have daily intimate conversations with my patients (ranging from age 6 to 86), who have all taught me that everything we feel is a result of being human, and we are living the human experience. I empower my patients to write, to create, to express -- because it is through sharing our stories that we begin to heal. The suffering is in the silence.

So, I'm proud of myself for growing the courage and pursuing this gift of mine seriously. Thank you for taking an interest in my bio and music!

The bottom line is this is my "coming out of the musician closet" period of my life. I have been writing songs on piano and singing to them since I was 4 years old. It's not for nothing, as it turns out. :) I have to share my gift with the world, because that's why I have the gift! So, I'm gonna be as generous as I can. Here I am. :)


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