Prestige Professional Publishing Awarded U.S. Trademark for Moneytasking®

Prestige Professional Publishing received the Moneytasking® trademark tied to its training, research, and consulting program on the future of multitasking.

"Being awarded a trademark for our training, research, and consulting work on Moneytasking® is exciting news for Prestige Professional Publishing." 
Jason Schenker, Editor in Chief

Jason Schenker, the Editor in Chief of Prestige Professional Publishing, personally applied for the trademark on behalf of Prestige Professional Publishing. "This is a very exciting development. We are very proud of our Moneytasking® research, consulting, and training program. This trademark will help elevate the formal visibility of Moneytasking®," Schenker shared.

According to Schenker, "Moneytasking® is the strategic approach to multitasking that puts financial considerations first for businesses, individuals, and teams." He added that "Looking at thReceiving the trademark for Moneytasking® from the USPTO comes ahead of the release of Jason Schenker's forthcoming Prestige Professional Publishing book titled Moneytasking®: The Future of Multitasking for Leaders.

​To learn more about how the Moneytasking® professional education, training, and consulting services can help your business prepare for the future, visit

Prestige Professional Publishing is based in Austin, Texas, and online at

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Prestige Professional Publishing

email us heree future of business and work, Moneytasking® also prioritizes making sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and a thoughtful approach to people critical elements of financial success."




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