Social Media Influencer Clones Famed Instagram Cat Chai

Kelly Anderson has been documenting the process from the original cat, Chai, to the clone, Belle.

It took a number of years, but on August 20th, 2021, Chai 2.0 was successfully cloned and Kelly’s new fur baby, Belle, was born. So far, Belle shares many similar personality traits to Chai, including being sassy, likes to lick humans, is food motivated, and is fascinated with water. There are also some differences, naturally, but the cats’ appearance is identical.

“Today, I can say that a big part of my heart has at least been somewhat repaired with the birth of Belle,” Kelly says. “I think it’s important to help others learn more about cloning, what the process entails, and how it has impacted my life. My hope is that my story will bring hope and information to those who are inquisitive and open-minded about cloning pets.”

For more information about Kelly, Belle, or to follow their story, please visit or follow on Instagram.

About Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson grew up in the hill country of Texas in a little town named Bulverde. From a young age, Kelly found her passion in photography, animals, and writing – having obtained a Bachelor of Art in English Writing and Rhetoric. In her spare time, Kelly trains dogs at the professional level.

Kelly Anderson
Social Media Pet Influencer




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