The impact of Global Warming is imminent. Globalwarmic may have portfolio of solutions for a greener environment

Stop Open Burning. Use Globalwarmic App to perform any rituals that require burning of fires or splashing of waters.

"Use Water with Care and Stop Open Burning. We care about Global Warming" Kirin Soo

GLOBALWARMIC PLATFORM PROVIDES COMMON SUPPORT FOR PRESERVING TRADITIONS AND PROTECTING THE ECOLOGY. As a problem facing human civilization, slowing global warming not only requires the efforts of those groups that have been negatively affected but also the efforts of all human beings around the world and their personal participation.

But then comes another thorny question: What should we do with the long-standing cultural and religious practices that we have to change to save the environment? Should we sacrifice the cultural value of traditional customs for the economic value of environmental improvement?

To mitigate this dilemma, BRR developed GLOBALWARMIC - a virtual platform that can map real-world things. As of now, people can customize holiday flowers for their loved ones in the virtual world, pay homage to their deceased relatives, and even freely buy small animals for release and so on. This way, not only will it achieve the purpose of slowing global warming, but too does it preserve the cultures and values and establishes a common support point between preserving traditions and protecting the ecology.

The GLOBALWARMIC platform will be launched on February 28, 2022. You can follow BRR's official Weibo account (@SWTDIRHAMBRR) or Tik Tok official account (@brr168) to get the latest news.

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