The Impact of the Pandemic on Education - How Has The Pandemic Affected Learning Outcomes?

When will things be able to return to normal in schools? Find out what parents and school administrators need to know to stay safe at school.

"Schools are seeking ways to help students “catch up” by coming up with creative solutions that go beyond the traditional “credit recovery” strategy used prior to the pandemic." Formaspace

Researchers at Microsoft’s Human Factors Lab used EEG Caps on 14 volunteers to measure beta wave activity (associated with stress) and found that the longer you stay focused on a screen, the higher the levels of stress.

One solution is to take regular breaks (to allow time to recover) and avoid back-to-back virtual meetings. You can also switch to audio calls or email correspondence where possible (it’s less stressful), as well as avoid multi-tasking.

Socialization And Emotional Development

But for parents of young children participating in online learning at home, the term Zoom fatigue encompasses more than just managing screen time, kids need to be supervised, fed meals, and often separated from one another to keep the peace.

This is a burden that, according to a Brookings Institution report, disproportionally falls on mothers. Another study estimates that mothers with young children have had to reduce their work hours four to five times more than fathers during the pandemic.

But is it working?


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