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The Industry Show launches Season 7 - Global Entrepreneurial Journeys

The Industry Show is a widely distributed talk show that shares global entrepreneurial journeys. Hosted by Los Angeles-based Dr. Nitin Bajaj, 
it has 3M+ views.

Shelly Lefkoe is committed to significantly improve the quality of life on the planet by helping people recreate their lives. “Our behavior is a function of our beliefs. It is virtually impossible to produce lasting behavior change without eliminating the beliefs that cause our behavior. At the Lefkoe Institute, we help people unlearn their beliefs and open them up to previously unknown possibilities”, said Lefkoe.

Ravi Chamria, one of the leaders in the blockchain industry and co-founder and CEO of Zeeve, said “We are looking forward to a new era of groundbreaking blockchain applications. This fledgling technology has many real-world uses, showcasing how it can prove to be a disruptive force for organizations and businesses across the world that are willing to explore.” Zeeve has operations in the US, Middle East, and India and is affiliated with Expert DOJO.

“Our alum is a really diverse group of entrepreneurs with a truly global footprint. I am constantly amazed at the massive impact our network has created across all sections of the society.”, said Mohini Todkari of The Industry Show.

Paarth Dhar is an alum of IIT-Roorkee and the co-founder, CEO of D-Street Games - a super-app for investing aimed at gamifying the learning & investing experience for first-time and amateur investors & traders. “There are millions of people in tier 2-3 towns of India who want to try out stock trading but are apprehensive of going directly into the live markets. We want D-Street Games to be the stepping stone in their journey of becoming retail investors“, Dhar said.

Hasan Minhaj of the Patriot Act and Payal Kadakia of ClassPass, now a unicorn that has raised more than $500M, appeared on Season 1 of the show. “We had Hasan and Payal on the show before they were household names. We obviously don’t take any credit for their success, but we do take all the pride” said Nitin Bajaj.

“The unique combination of wisdom and hustle that entrepreneurs thrive on, is captured in our one line life lessons. These lessons are simple yet profound, and often life-changing. We have captured several hundred of these actionables on our website and other social channels to inspire, motivate, and most importantly, drive meaningful action”, said Nimisha Lotia of The Industry Show.

With support and guidance from Ash Patel, CEO of the Irvine-based Commercial Bank of California, The Industry Show will continue to facilitate more commerce between its global alumni.

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