A New Way To Wealth by Bruce Piasecki Focuses on Frugality and Legacy

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Bruce Piasecki's latest book, "A New Way to Wealth will empower you during these times of challenging social change, to be successful through frugality."

In Piasecki’s newest book, A New Way to Wealth available on all bookseller sites beginning March 22, 2022, he challenges you by asking what is wealth and what is enough, and urges you to take action. He urgently calls for a new era of restraint, public mindedness, and social purpose in capitalism. This homage to historical financial leaders allows an understanding between self-determination and self-actualization in a time of capital constraints.

A New Way to Wealth helps you understand which attributes lead to the accumulation of wealth and using that wealth responsibly. Piasecki breaks open the differences between self-determination and self-actualization in a time of capital constraints. We are after all global citizens, humankind, children of one Earth. This book gives you a “just-in-time” perspective challenging our status quo. He offers an intelligent guide for a successful future, while acknowledging what makes this a swift and severe new world.

Piasecki’s A New Way to Wealth was inspired by the wisdom of Ben Franklin—and his competitive insights into frugality. He incorporates his knowledge of corporate governance, energy, product, and environmental strategy to build a path to success and the full glory of wealth by doing more with less!

About Dr. Bruce Piasecki

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the founder of a global management consulting firm, AHC Group, Inc. and a New York Times bestselling author on shared value and social response capitalism. He has been an agent of climate solutions for over 40 years and has appeared on the BBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN to discuss his work in ESG (environmental/sustainability/governance) goals.

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