AsomBroso Announces Diosa Reserva Tequila for Valentine’s Day - Diosa is the Spanish word for Goddess.

Diosa is housed in a beautiful stained-glass decanter, with three elegantly tied rope rings around it. With taste notes of butter cream, honey, butterscotch, roasted walnut, and fresh oak, this tequila is as uniquely distinct. It is priced at $899 per 750 ml bottle.

“Diosa was crafted with passion and love, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for the special someone in your life,” said Ricardo. “If you really want to blow your Valentines mind, you can also make them an owner of AsomBroso by investing in our company at”:

According to MarketWatch,”Tequila is the hottest spirits category on the market, and it’s not just a volume play—its fans are reaching for the top shelf at unprecedented rates. In the last five years, the tequila category has seen 41% growth, according to Impact Databank.”

AsomBroso is the Spanish word for “amazing.” The company offers a wide array of ultra-premium triple-distilled tequilas made to be savored one sip at a time, ranging from its award-winning blanco tequila at an approximate retail price of $40 per bottle, to The Collaboration Extra Anejo tequila, priced at more than $1,800 per bottle. Its distillery is in the town of Amatitan, Mexico, in the heart of the Jalisco region, home to the most treasured blue agave crop in the country. AsomBroso’s uniquely shaped bottle is an 18th century-style hand-blown decanter, crafted by artisanal glass blowers on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy, which brings a level of artistry to any bar shelf.

The company’s products are distributed in 28 states, with the goal of expanding distribution to all 50 US states and Canada over the next six months. Its brand has a strong presence in top US retail wine and spirits chains, including Costco, Kroger, and Total Wine & More, and a reorder rate of 85%. The company has seen a 750% increase in revenues over the past year as the premium tequila market grows, with projections of nearly 75% additional market growth in the next five years.

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