Author Kenneth J. Coleman Provides Hope to Prisoners in the State of Texas

Mission to Provide Life-Changing Book to All Texas Inmates.

Now, prisoners in the state of Texas can receive this message of hope and work towards rehabilitation, life change and fullness. Through a partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and its chaplains, Kenneth has a new outreach initiative in his ministry, working to provide this pivotal Gospel message to every single person incarcerated in the state of Texas. To participate in this life-changing work. 

Donations can be made to in the amount of $10. 

For each donation made, not only will a Texas inmate receive a copy of this book, but the donor will receive a discounted rate on their own purchase. To learn more, go to


Kenneth J. Coleman is the published author of Made to Have Dominion – Why God Created Us. He currently serves as a bible teacher in his local ministry. Kenneth formerly served as Director of Evangelism to over fifty communities in low-income areas of Houston, Texas. During his time of service, hundreds made the decision to follow Christ. In December of 1989 Kenneth had a powerful and deeply intimate experience with the person of the Holy Spirit.

From that event, God led Kenneth to ministering to the Body of Christ. Since being ordained in 1990, Kenneth is recognized to have a call of God on his life by World Ministry Fellowship located in Parker, Texas.

For inquiries, to donate or request a copy of the book, please contact:

Kenneth J. Coleman
Kenneth J. Coleman Ministries




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