Duane Haynes Book : To Flourish - A Collection of Inspirational & Religious Poetry

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Collection of Inspirational & Religious Poetry

Mr. Duane E. Haynes was born in Denver, Colorado to Jimmilee and Elmer Haynes II. Duane was born ten minutes after his twin brother, Darrell, one of five children. Duane's life changed when he took a life-threatening fall at the age of twelve. The accident left Duane in a coma for about three days. When Duane woke up, his personality changed.

He remembers being in a place that he now knows in his heart as Heaven. To talk to him about it he says, "God showed me all of Heaven and Love. He then told me what I must do, and gave me a gift and said, 'Go back into the world and give them this gift, tell them so that they can learn the way home.'" Two months later Duane began to write, and what this young man was writing caught the attention of those who read it. What he wrote confounded even those closest to him. His insight and depth were to them beyond comprehension at an age so young.

Duane now writes from a new heart and perspective. His love for God and others is at the forefront of his ministry. In his poetry, he tries to get people to look at themselves and others through the eyes of Christ hoping to make a change in their lives. The author has written award-winning articles, plays, and, of course, poetry which has been published nationally. Among his writings is a book of poems entitled Think About It (and You) published in 1973. Mr. Haynes' accomplishments include "Outstanding Man of the Century," "1000 Leaders of Influence," "2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century," by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England, and "Who's Who in the World, 2000," by Marquis, NJ.
Duane Haynes
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