Hair Restoration Clinic Adds Key Components to Solve Hair Loss Issues

Trichologist and nurse is creating solutions 
locally and nationally in the hair community.

More than 80 million Americans experience hair loss and 40% of these people are women. With hair being an important asset and confidence booster for most women, the clinic’s owner and Trichologist Abolore Adekoya, continually seeks new methods for treating her patients.

“Adding specific vitamins and minerals into a patient’s diet has been a part of my treatment program since I opened my practice,” Adekoya said. “When I learned how IV Hydration and IM shot therapy allow these essential vitamins and minerals to be more completely absorbed into the body, I knew I wanted to add these services into my overall programs for my clients.”

Every person’s hair restoration journey looks different, but all start the same: with a consultation and lab work. As a nurse, Adekoya knows hair loss can be a symptom of a multitude of different health issues. As a trichologist, she specializes in finding the solution that makes sense. By combining both of her skills set, along with her love of cosmetology, Adekoya and her clinic offer Chesapeake the best answer to hair loss questions.

To learn more about Trichology Nurse Suite & Wellness clinic visit or @tnssuite on social media.

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