The release date for Daniy'el's debut song "Beautiful Rain" has been set

The singer-songwriter's debut release is highlighted by the tranquil melody and emotion-filled lyrics that transport the listener through a torrent of emotions. Every entrancing note of this captivating track with lovely background vocals delights the listener. Daniele Fortunato, an Italian singer-songwriter, collaborated with numerous artists from around the world to create the musical project "Daniy'el." "Beautiful Rain" is a one-of-a-kind partnership between the Italian songwriter Daniele Fortunato and the American singer John Long. The combination is proving to be a musical success, striking all the right notes.

The release of "Beautiful Rain" represents the fulfillment and musical product of the artists' journey, as well as the fruition of Daniy'el, and the beginnings of a magnificent musical adventure that implores, "Tell me you will meet me in the fresh and beautiful rain."

“Beautiful Rain” by Daniy’el is available for download starting March 21, 2022.

About Daniy’el:

Daniele Fortunato is the genius and talent behind Daniy’el. The Italian singer song-writer renowned for his pop folk style has worked with some to the top names in the music industry from around the world. Daniy’el was born from that collaboration.

CONTACT: To discover more about Daniy'el, his debut single "Beautiful Rain," or to arrange an interview for a story, please contact us.

Daniele Fortunato
Singer and Songwriter




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