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"This Is Why We All Need To Be Acting To Beat Climate Change" Says Eddy Andrews

In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of emergency situations facing the globe. From manmade disasters to natural catastrophes, the world is facing a seemingly never-ending run of issues. With 45 years combined experience in military and business sectors, Eddy Andrews is a highly experienced public safety professional.

He has helped hundreds of organizations with their disaster response, emergency management education and training. He has also utilized his experience to provide businesses with comprehensive public safety training for the workplace alongside supporting them with project management and business development.

This experience has meant Eddy Andrews has seen first-hand the challenges that the world is facing. If we as a society do not start taking steps to reduce the impact we are having on the environment; then these disasters are only going to become more frequent. Countless researchers have shown that the world is warming up, which is causing significant challenges. However, recent research by the United Nations has shown that if we are able to limit warming to just 1.5° C, we will be able to prevent more dire consequences.

While world leaders and governments need to lead the way in reducing climate change, individuals and businesses can all make an impact by working to reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking on the growing issues, Eddy Andrews added, “By not addressing climate change today, we are creating major problems for our planet tomorrow. The rising temperatures and increasing frequency of disasters are causing major public safety concerns that should worry us all.

For four decades, I have been helping organizations to improve safety through their disaster response, alongside improving staff training and awareness. I truly believe that we all have a part to play in the response to climate change, and we need to work together today to start addressing it.”

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