Creative Soul Awards New Music Scholarship Opportunity in 2022

Music Scholarship application now open to all eligible music majors. 
Apply now! Winner will be announced May 2022.

Founded in 2006, and having taught over 11,000+ students since, Creative Soul is building a music community where student musicians can have fun learning, while instilling confidence, discipline, and recognition.

Creative Soul Music School in Fort Worth, Texas, has awarded their 2021 music scholarship to Alexa Espinoza of San Gabriel, California, who intends to major in music at Berklee College of Music.

When asked what challenges music learning students have today, Espinoza said, "The biggest challenge is finding a way to make a career out of music. It requires being open to many musical opportunities, learning as much as possible, and networking to put your education into action."

Creative Soul Music School has officially launched its next scholarship campaign for 2022. 

All eligible music students - from high school seniors to graduate students - may apply on the Creative Soul website at

Casey Thomas
Creative Soul School of Music
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