Legacy Magazine March 2022 Featured Cover Model " The Spiritualist" Sid McNairy

"Sharing what is being left behind for the world, gives all a sense of hope for all to move forward in every way. I am excited to continue to elevate peace for all."
Sid McNairy

Legacy Magazine features Sid McNairy (SidMcNairy.com) as the cover model for this years magazine. Legacy magazine features leaders from North America as they showcase the mark they are leaving in the world.

Legacy Magazine features Sid McNairy (The Spiritualist, International best selling author and speaker) as a leader of the peace movement in a world experiencing chaos and learning to get on the other side. Sid and his wife Liz McNairy (Counselor, Speaker and Yogini) are an example of what is possible when peace is the foundation to love that is being shared between two people in this new age.

Look who's is showcased
Some of the other leaders featured in the Legacy Magazine are up an coming actor, director and producer Aaron Wiggins. Ceiba “1st Lady” Chavez is leading the pr , arts and music world as she helps bring for-ward a new wave of sustainable and conscious brands, businesses and arts. Aiyana Sykes raises awareness on nutrition as a mean of educating the environment in our education system.

Legacy Magazine is the parent Magazine for QK Magazine aka Queens and Kings Magazine’s be that will debut in May of 2022 and will come out every other month to follow.

Queens and Kings Magazine (aka QK Magazine) - is a fashion, music and arts magazine bringing positive vibes to elevate the royalty of all people. We represent all hues of Wo-man kind. We are all Humans here and you are part of our mission. We are here to help elevate all people and brands for the betterment of Wo-man kind.

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Sid McNairy “The Spiritualist”
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