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LHMPR Radio On Air Playlist vs LHMPR Radio Podcast Show both are on Spotify but one of them provides more exposure

Although Playlists are Popular, I am going to tell you why submitting your Music to LHMPR Radio Podcast Show will give you more exposure:

LHMPR Radio Podcast Show will list your name and the name of your Music Project in the description on Spotify and Anchor FM so potential fans will see who is being featured. LHMPR Radio Podcast Show requests that you send a Audio Biography which will be played before your song is played so that potential fans can learn about you before they hear your music.

If your Music a upgraded by a Member of our Team, your feature will be upgraded to include a FREE Press Release that will also feature one of your YouTube Videos.

All of our Podcast Episodes are listed on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) with a chance to have your Music included in one of YWPN TV Short Films or Web Series.  

Submit Music via Share PRO or MusicSubmit 

Sometimes you are asked to pay to be on Playlists only to be lost in the mix as people can continue to skip your track. Some Playlist owners buy Followers also know as Likes to trick you into thinking they have over 10,000 followers but they are just  Fake. A lot of followers never listen to the playlist at all


Email Publisher@YWPNNN.com

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