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2022 Song "Into Love" performed by Singer/Songwriter Martyn Scott

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Martyn Scott is a solo indie musician. His music takes influence from some of the great bands of the past. The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and 90’s Brit Pop to name a few. Martyn’s style is laced with effective guitar work, carefully crafted vocal harmonies and thoughtful instrumentation with always “the song” at the heart of it all. Martyn puts the song first expressing “if it doesn’t standup on its own, sang with just an acoustic guitar, then it's not worth trying to prop it up through production. It will always fall short.”

Martyn is from Rotherham, South Yorkshire and has been playing for 21 years. First and foremost a guitarist but he is an accomplished musician on most band based instruments. Martyn plays all the parts on his recordings including all vocal harmonies and records the material from his humble home studio, then it’s ready to be taken to the pros for a mix to produce a polished track. At the age of 17 Martyn worked in a band called The Shakes playing Rock n Roll in working men's clubs up and down the country before the band got seriously into their own material and continued to gig across the UK. The Jives (as they were now called) look back and their best moment when they got the opportunity to support The Bootleg Beatles at the Echo Arena in Liverpool in front of an audience of 9,000. They were allowed to play 1 song so cheekily played a medley of Beatles classics She Said She Said and Tomorrow Never Knows, just so they could stay on stage longer.

Lockdown provided Martyn with time to write, record and self release an album titled “Maybe Just Maybe” which was to be his first endeavor as a truly independent solo artist. He then went on to release his latest single “Gypsy Lane” with one reviewer of the track claiming “It could be a long-lost relic from an alternate-universe version of the 60s where Jeff Lynne produced Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The whole track is impeccably crafted and flawlessly rendered, and the way it builds to a conclusion is superb.”

Currently Martyn is writing and recording new work and looking forward to a campaign of singles to be released through an independent London based record label. The first of which is titled “Into Love”. He also plans to gig locally to him and is constantly improving social media content to drive a fan base.

“Great Rock and Pop with quality songwriting at the heart.” Official Website 


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