Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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Off Limits by Agenda 109 #Rock

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AGENDA 109 is all about rock music, spiced with a touch of pop and a spoonful of punk. Sometimes, a slow dish is provided, at other times, fast food is on the menu. The beat is the basis: this is rock music!

AGENDA 109 was born on december 11, 2021, and celebrated this with the release of the single "I like you like I do".

Me, I'm a Swedish expat enjoying life in Central America, in the land of eternal spring Guatemala. Where I come from, it often felt that winter lasted forever. Minus 25C? Not unusual. Here, it's spring all year around. Plus 25C? More or less always. This does have a positive effect on my output.

My father played the organ and the accordion, so I was surrounded by music from the start. I bought my first keyboard when I was 17, and my first guitar a few years after that. I've enjoyed many years of gigging together with friends in various setups, and that experience has been a strong support and help throughout my music production. My career under the name Agenda 109 started in 2021. I'm excited to see where it takes me!

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