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Don't Tell Me Performed by: Blair Djuna #Pop Released 2023

Artist message to you:
Replete with many an engaging melody and boasting both a truly energizing and polished production, Blair Djuna's very well-crafted

Artist bio:
When made with conviction and honesty, music can be incredibly captivating. It’s more than a feeling; it’s an experience you take with you long after the last chord is played. That connection a performer makes with an audience on a deeper level is one of the many reasons why I love music and have dedicated my life to creating songs that bring people joy, self-reflection, and real emotion. I choose to pour my heart and soul into the music I make by putting together meaningful songs that will truly touch any audience I have the honor to play for.

My name is Blair Djuna, an independent music recording artist and singer/songwriter based in beautiful Sydney, Australia. As a kid, I always had a fascination with music. When I reached my teen years, I began playing and writing songs for fun. As my interest and talents grew, I began to realize this was a life passion that wasn’t going away any time soon. I became a founding member of pop duo SEGANA in 2018. After recording several songs together, I decided to venture out on my own to explore music that was distinctly mine.

With a sincere passion for storytelling and a drive to push boundaries as an artist, my goal is to deliver one-of-a-kind songs that truly stand out. Whether I’m working on a soulful and smooth sound to unwind with or want a more upbeat vibe that will create an energetic atmosphere, I am constantly trying out new combinations and techniques that expand my own understanding of this craft that I love. This industry is filled with talented individuals, but I believe hard work, exploration, and true originality will always stand out.

The style of music I create is filled with alternative pop melodies. I am also paving my own path in the music industry by adding a unique touch to my work that you won’t find anywhere else. From the very first note, my aim is to grab your attention and make you want to hold on throughout the journey of the song.

While composing sound is what brings my music to life, it’s the lyrics that give it heart. The stories I tell through my songs range from heartbreak to romance, an energetic party scene to deep self-reflection, and everything in between. No matter what issue or life event I’m taking on, I always aim to be authentic and raw with my music. Every song is an important part of who I am, and my hope is that others feel that sincerity through the lyrics I write.
Music is more than just something to fill a quiet room for me. It can be a companion during hard times, or a way to celebrate the beauty of life. No matter how or why you connect with my music, I’m glad to have you along for this amazing ride and cannot wait to share more of what I’m working on with you.

Email Publisher@YWPNNN.com

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