The Power of Love by Melvin Leonard/Barbeque Hot Sauce Band #RnB #Soul

  Melvin Leonard hails from the colorful southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His grandfather, Walter Manaday, played drums for Louis ...

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Shady Performed by: TKD2M

About The Artist Written By The Artist:

TKD2M is a Male African American R&B Artist from Woodbury, New Jersey and was born February 22nd 2003. This specific artist started his music career in late 2021. Although he didn’t drop his first single “Lost Me” until 2022. 

Yes he’s is currently unsigned and is looking for a management team behind his talents as a musician…although he’s not yet a hot topic but still has a long way to go before making an incredible impact for being an underground artist….His status is still active since he just released an album “Downfall” in February along with “Shady” that just so happens to be released April 8th 2023.

We hope to see more of this artist later on in the future and hope that he’s completely different from those who are already in the industry.

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