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    Author's Page for Yvonne Wilcox "I learned a lot about my Mother, I even learned why her friends nicknamed her  Hot Chocolate. ...

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As Far As I Can See (Start Again) Performed by: Hopkinson #Pop 2023


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You'll find Hopkinson's beautifully crafted songs at home on playlists beside the likes of Taylor Swift, OneRepublic, ColdPlay, and London Grammar. Think "Cinematic Pop Mix", "Work From Home", or "Soothing Mix". He was recently supported by the New York Times being added to The Morning Spring 2023 playlist.

World class collaborators George Merrill (BoyMeetsGirl/Whitney Houston) and Steve Wilmot (OneRepublic/U2/Peter Gabriel) bring his melodic storytelling music to life.

Classically trained in Sydney, Australia from the age of 10, he found his way into bands and songwriting in the late 90's recording his first solo album 'Class Clown' with piano genius and producer Rick Melick and members of The Angels in 2001.

Securing management with Graham Fear and Mark O'Donnell (Faith No More/Rage Against The Machine) and production opportunities in Los Angeles he moved there to live and work. Over several years he and George Merrill carved out 'Strangers To Ourselves' which was released in 2009 and won the DIY Album of the Year in Hollywood.

Hopkinson became a regular at Sunset Strip venues like The Hotel Cafe, Genghis Cohen, and the Viper Room. He ran a song circle for Australian Songwriters called Oz City and became well respected in the music community for providing a platform of opportunity for artists outside of his own career. In 2011, he moved back home. This time, settling in Melbourne to start a tech company and raise a family.

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