Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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Fast Forward Single is from the Lonely Days On The Moon EP and performed by b.c.Soul #RnB #Soul


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Artist bio:
b.c.Soul, is a songwriter, performer, and singer who was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. His music is a refreshing blend of genres that is reflective of the eclectic list of artists who have influenced his artistry.

R&B/Soul b.c.Soul has 14 songs, including "Too Late", "Open My Door", and "Wind Blows". Their albums include Shattered and Lonely Days On The Moon EP. You can listen to b.c.Soul's music on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube. 

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