Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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Missin On Performed by: Stephen The Storyteller

Stephen The Storyteller is a independent musical artist writer, poet, producer and musician from Doylestown whose impossible to place in one genre. He specializes in creations that stimulate imagination. In the last year, Stephen The Storyteller finished his first book called, “The Two Minstrels,” of which a version of an audiobook, an animated Memoji series, an e-book and paperback are all available. 

He has also released 18 singles, 6eps and 3 LPs. His latest Lp is a phrase he coined called “Suragenre,” which means above all genre. It consists of songs from Punk, Texas Twang, Rock-N-Roll, Electro-Pop to Funk and Reggae. We never know what to expect from his creations, however, we do know his eclectic sounds and stories will inspire the imagination.

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That’s Cute Performed by: Emily Shecter #Pop

About Emily Shecter:

Emily Shecter is an artist from South Florida. Emily Shecter started her career in Musical Theater. She played roles such as Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods, Katherine in Newsies, and Amber in Hairspray. Emily loves to share the gift of music because of how much music has changed her life, she wants to changes others for the better.

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Doomed Performed by: Kyle Seiley

From the Artist:

I live in a small town in Texas and I'm hoping one day I find people that want to start a band with me but I'm until then I just record myself and do all the tracks, my goal is to not work construction anymore and make a living playing music.

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LHMPR Radio Podcast Music Focus Group #Music #FocusGroup #MusicGroups #SoloArtists #Duo #Instrumentals #SingerSongwriters #Creators #Curators

Let's focus on the LHMPR Radio Podcast Music Focus Group
Where Creators meet Curators and talk about what is needed to get to the next step in their career. 

Shady Performed by: TKD2M

About The Artist Written By The Artist:

TKD2M is a Male African American R&B Artist from Woodbury, New Jersey and was born February 22nd 2003. This specific artist started his music career in late 2021. Although he didn’t drop his first single “Lost Me” until 2022. 

Yes he’s is currently unsigned and is looking for a management team behind his talents as a musician…although he’s not yet a hot topic but still has a long way to go before making an incredible impact for being an underground artist….His status is still active since he just released an album “Downfall” in February along with “Shady” that just so happens to be released April 8th 2023.

We hope to see more of this artist later on in the future and hope that he’s completely different from those who are already in the industry.

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Podcast Show Publisher looking for #Comedians, #Authors and #Music Producers #Houston #Texas #TX #Philanthropist #Ghostwriter 713-346-9164

LHMPR Radio Podcast Artists' Career Development Bootcamp everything you need to know is here under Virtual Office and if you can't find it then send a message to our A&R via the Contact Form at the bottom of www.lhmprradio.com

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VASID #Rock Chillicothe, OH Featured Album Better Days Ahead

We have been blessed with many sales and streams. We are so thankful to everyone who purchase, stream and listen on Reverbnation. Many thanks for all the support. We are continuing to make new music and hope to share some soon. 

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Songs Without Words by Dave Isaacs #Instrumental #Guitar #BMI

Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter Dave Isaacs has rocked for the hippies in the mud at Woodstock, performed a solo guitar recital in a cathedral, played the blues on Beale Street, and shared a Manhattan club stage with Les Paul. He has released 14 albums over 25 years, carving out a rootsy melodic, guitar-driven sound with side trips into jazzy blues, folk and ambient instrumental sounds. On his latest release “Songs Without Words”, his nylon-string guitar leads the way through twelve intimate, cinematic tone poems, supported by a cast of guest musicians. 

Roots Music Report calls him “a master musician”, and in his adopted home of Music City USA he has become known as the “Nashville Guitar Guru”, a teacher and coach to professional performers, hit songwriters, and the next generation of Nashville’s rising stars.

Find out more about Dave Isaacs at https://www.nashvilleguitarguru.com/sww/ 

Little Buddy performed by Matthew S. Horner #Pop #Rock

Artist's Message to Music Industry Professionals:

"Really would like to just write for a label for other artist who can sing better than me. I just really love to write."

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A Summer High performed by Matthew S. Horner #Pop #Rock

Artist Biography:

Pop punk kid grown up to a pop punk dad! Just love to play and make people smile. I know I don't have a great voice but I do what I can. I don't think music has to be perfect. It's all the little inequalities that make it special and unique. I'm 35yrs old father of 3 and husband. I work maintenance all day and am a weekend rocker.

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