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Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk


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Artist bio:
Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and influences, such as pop and rock alike. Brian has been passionate about music throughout most of his life. He is a self-taught guitarist and a gifted songwriter who has been active since his early 20s. What makes his music unique is the fact that he doesn’t just write his own music, but he also has a penchant for re-writing classic songs in his personal style. While many cover song artists tend to reproduce the covers they interpret verbatim, B3 is very gifted when it comes to bringing a touch of personality and authenticity to the material that he performs. The artist is active as a performer, and he had the chance to play live extensively, including opening and sharing the stage for internationally respected acts, the likes of Reverend Horton Heat, Charlie Sexton, and Jerry Giddens, only to mention a few. Brian took the local music scene (and beyond) by storm with not one but two amazing bands. He uses these different line-ups to bring his sound to different dimensions. One of the groups is a straight-up, pure rock and roll affair, consisting of a lead guitarist, a drummer, and a bass player supporting Brian as a lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player. The second line-up allows Brian to experiment with a warmer, more laid-back sound, which features orchestral elements such as a violin and a cello. It is always interesting to hear Brian arrange some of his songs differently. Sometimes, he performs the same tracks with both line-ups, but he changes the song arrangement to fit the specific sounds the band has to offer depending on whether he is going to perform them with his rock lineup or with the classical band. The fact that he is so versatile and his songs fit such different contexts are incredibly remarkable, allowing people to enjoy different sides to his artist pathos and personality as a whole.

Much like a baker using the proper ratios and ingredients, he can expertly craft his music by knowing exactly how to blend all of these different influences into something that is quite special and personal. There is a time for melody, and there is a time for energy: Brian is able to endow his tracks with equal doses of these two important elements, and his sound is balanced and poignant because of that. His songs always stand out as a fantastic example of what it means to make pop-rock songs that are catchy yet extremely insightful and diverse.

The hard-hitting punch of this track speakers for itself, and if you enjoy the music of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, and John Cougar Mellencamp, only to mention a few. Currently, the band is also working on new music, with an upcoming album to be released very soon. If the material he’s been released thus far is any indication, audiences are certainly in for a very special treat. Brian, aided by his trusty bandmates and musical collaborators, is always eager to set the bar higher, creating music that the crowd can easily relate to. Whether you enjoy his songs at home or get a chance to see him on stage, the experience will undoubtedly leave a profound impression and a big mark.

Guitar Boy Performed by: Erin Thomas #Pop #Rock #Sydney #Australia


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Erin Thomas is a 21 year old, bedroom musician from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Her alternative, indie, fusion pop sound is inspired by artists of the likes of Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lana Del Rey. Erin’s most recent Single ‘Guitar Boy’ is her first released pop/rock song, with inspirations from Avril Lavigne and the early 2000s grunge.

Uh - Huh performed by: HotDizzy HD100


Artist bio:
Just independent artist from Indianapolis truck driver but love to make music. Goal is to eventually make a hit song. Chasing the dream.

Fast Forward Single is from the Lonely Days On The Moon EP and performed by b.c.Soul #RnB #Soul


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Artist bio:
b.c.Soul, is a songwriter, performer, and singer who was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. His music is a refreshing blend of genres that is reflective of the eclectic list of artists who have influenced his artistry.

R&B/Soul b.c.Soul has 14 songs, including "Too Late", "Open My Door", and "Wind Blows". Their albums include Shattered and Lonely Days On The Moon EP. You can listen to b.c.Soul's music on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and YouTube. 

Losing All Control performed by Kings Prodigy #Alternative #Rap #AlternativeRap


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Artist bio:

Kings Prodigy is a Punk Rock Rap artist and motivational speaker out of Louisiana dedicated to making a difference in the world through lyrics of pain and trauma he’s been through. His current catalog includes his most recent release Losing All Control which is currently rising fast in numbers.

Kings Prodigy has most recently signed with DAXT Productions who now manages him. He also has 2 confirmed shows this year with more TBA. Stay tuned for more updates and events.


Just Be a Gee - Single ALBUM ∙ HIP-HOP/RAP ∙ 2024 by JUST BE A GEE #HipHop #Rap #JustBeAGee17


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Description : "Just Be a Gee" is a song performed and written by a group of 17 talented and ingenious artists. This exceptional group possesses a special set of skills that extends across every department in the entertainment business. They have come together to express themselves through music, showcasing leadership and unity across the country. Featuring artists from various locations.

Produced by : Blaq Thompson

Label/Production Name : Primary Entertainment International

Conmigo Performed by: JP Cali Smoov ft. Efeblunts #English #Spanish #HipHop #Rap


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JP Cali Smoov, hails from west Los Angeles and has roots in Chicago. Renowned in the battle rap scene, he has collaborated with industry names like Snoop Dogg and Mally Mall. His musical ventures include partnerships with Wiz Khalifa, Eptos Uno, Edi Mean, Bizarre, Suga Free, and more.

Facing challenges during his childhood, Cali navigated foster care and group homes, emerging resilient. Discovered at the age of 11 by Leila Steinberg, who also managed Tupac, Cali underwent a transformative journey, dedicating himself to music and inspiring at-risk youth. He travels globally, empowering young individuals to find their voices.

Cali Smoov triumphed on Hitman Holla's battle rap reality show (AppleTV/Roku streaming service) against 24 competitors and secured victory on Snoop Dogg’s battle rap show (YouTube/Trapflix) against 11 others. His collaboration with Wiz Khalifa on "This is Your Moment" hit #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts in 2017. Since then, he consistently releases independent music.

In 2018, Cali's poetry book, "Untold, Heard and Unwritten," reached #16 on Amazon’s poetry Best Sellers List.

Make Me Feel Like by Bigg Feva feat. Blaq Thompson over 38,000 streams on #Spotify and over 66,000 views on #YouTube


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Paying homage to Black Queens across the world, who are beautiful, sexy, and  strong. The Ebony Goddess of the earth, the rare breed that deserves the highest of love and respect- Bigg Feva