Ideas & Innovations (I&I) Gift Card Kiosk Platform has been awarded The Most Trusted Kiosk Solution Provider for 2022

I&I's in-retail self-service kiosks are true Market Disrupters that enhance the consumer experience with incremental categories and deliverables on-demand!

I&I also uses our proprietary targeted advertising technology on our gift card kiosks' secondary screens that offer consumers numerous promotional options. These promotional programs are used to drive consumer brand awareness at retail with special discounts and couponing through our participating gift card brands. We are also able to offer retailers regional gift card programs targeting select “local or regional brands” (traditionally only offered in wholesale clubs during the holiday season) and, now, business-to-business bulk card programs printed on demand at retail.

This enhanced self-service, in store shopping experience supports our kiosks at retail as market disruptors with gift and entertainment cards printed on demand and authorized in less than 25 seconds. Through all of our exclusive partnerships, I&I can now deliver best-in-class retail kiosk solutions across multiple categories with greatly reduced fraud. However, I&I is always open and looking for new partnerships to continue to enhance the consumer's experience at retail.

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