Really Big Coloring Books® | Coloring Book Website is making internet history with global digital coloring book products

The world's debut digital coloring book on the Wii platform in 2010, Samsung's global educational Learning Hub 2013, now an 
iconic Google coloring book in 2022.

"I get to make coloring books for a living, to me it’s like living in a dream full of fun and color" N. Wayne Bell, Founder - CEO

Wayne Bell published his first coloring book at the age of 21 in 1981. The internet had not yet been invented and computers were still about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. In 1988 he trademarked the name Really Big Coloring Books®, Bell understood what he was supposed to be doing with his time, albeit he never thought or imagined in 2022 he would still be making coloring books. Today his company provides coloring book work for entities that span the globe on the internet, some with office locations to match. Many of the companies he has done work for literally change the way we live. Forty-one years and ownership of 1600 coloring book related domain names later; Bell continues to break barriers, make waves, surprise the coloring book aficionados, create story books as he laughs coloring in and out of the lines. He loves working for companies that demand excellent, require superb customer service, especially the hard-nosed passionate business-people that are driven with goals. At the end of each day Bell humbly giggles, “I get to make coloring books for a living, to me it’s like living in a dream full of fun and color”.

“Manufacturing books over the last 40 years has changed dramatically. What use to take 6500 square feet can now be down in less than 1,000 square feet. Paper demand has changed, currently paper is being rationed by the paper mills due to epidemic issues, supply chain delays and publishing technology. New digital print technology and creativity has helped Really Big Coloring Books® establish itself as a leader in coloring book print, design, and distribution. Showcasing the uses of a coloring book in modern society is a specialty of our company and that's one of the reasons global entities call on us to do their work. I think in 2021 we published books in about 23 languages. I love what we do and I love the people that work here to help us do it," Wayne Bell.

Wayne Bell
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
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