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Working Solutions NYC Announces New Post on Sexual Harassment and the Need for Employment Lawyers

Working Solutions NYC is a team of employment law attorneys working in 
New York City and Northern New Jersey.

"Sexual harassment remains a problem for many employees in New York City and Northern New Jersey." Chris Q. Davis


Here is background on this release. First and foremost, nowadays many employees remain subject, unfortunately, to sexual harassment at work. Managers and others with power may use that power in inappropriate ways. Workers do have rights, however, and whether or not new laws are passed, anyone who believes that they are subject to sexual harassment should reach out for a consultation. Only a trained attorney can evaluate the facts and the law and then advise as to the best course of action. Nothing read on the website, in particular, or the Internet, in general, should be construed as legal advice. Those in New York and New Jersey are fortunate to have many choices, and they can reach out to the firm for a consultation on their particular situation. No two situations are alike.


Working Solutions NYC is a law firm with offices in New York (New York City) and New Jersey that is committed to serving the possible needs of clients who are seeking an attorney. This includes but is not limited to claims of discrimination, retaliation, FMLA violations, wrongful termination, benefits & vacation pay, FLSA violations such as unpaid & overtime wages, severance agreements, and sexual harassment. For employers, the law firm handles issues such as litigation defense, handbook & contract drafting, compliance & HR advisory services, small business services, and startup services. Persons who may have employment law issues are encouraged to reach out to the law firm for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

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