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  Melvin Leonard hails from the colorful southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His grandfather, Walter Manaday, played drums for Louis ...

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Traveling as a Vegan Amidst a Pandemic

Being vegan whilst discovering the world is gradually becoming easier. Several tourism agencies have started specializing in vegan travelling, promoting experiences where eating plant-based is easy to accommodate. BeVeg proudly represents one of them: Vegantravelasia by VEGVOYAGES, who offers cultural immersion and local travelling, whilst having a focus on veganism in all its aspects.

In 2021 they won the “Asia’s responsible tourism award” and this Friday (17th of February) they are together with other vegan advocates going live on Unchained TV about the organization of the largest vegan festival in the Himalayas. Recently they were also featured in an online summit, Traveling in a new vegan world.

Apart from travelling with such vegan-focused companies, there are other ways vegan journeys can be accomplished with ease. Nowadays, there are vegan hotels, vegan restaurants, vegan alcohol apps, and vegan labels that help make the quest for a vegan lifestyle more attainable. For instance, when we travel, we may not understand the language or know how to read the ingredients, but we all can understand a global universal worldwide trademark. The BeVeg vegan certification trademark is registered globally on six continents and is the only trademark for vegan label claims recognized to be in accordance with the International Standardization Organization standards (ISO), making BeVeg the most legally vegan trademark in the world.

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