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Don't Love Anymore performed by Nv sincere #Pop

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Nv sincere is a soulful pop artist from Pittsburgh, PA.

Breaking into the scene with his latest track ”Don’t Love Anymore”, Nv is on his path to make every song stand out and convey what needs to be said. His work bears an indie and rock signature, quickly making clear where his roots stem from while connecting the dots between art and pop culture.

„Always paint a good picture of yourself because everything is art”

The young artist makes it a point to show vulnerabilities. Sharing relatable thoughts and intriguing stories lifts a curtain to reveal his strength. It is deeply anchored in the attitude he lives and runs through every fiber of his pulsating music.

”Love yourself no matter what and just be you”

Contemporary art meets an unmistakable drive for self expression and freedom. Once you’re hooked, it’s impossible to let go. Nv succeeds to carry this feeling within his art and is on route to becoming an upcoming artist to have on your watch.


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