Love Dream by Joanie 2022 #POP #Song

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Joanie, a 21 years old Quebecoise Pop Artist who fell in love with music since a young age. Joanie sings since a young age and started to learn piano and guitar at 16 years old and ukulele at 19 years old. Music is her biggest passion. It saved her life. “I can’t live without music”, she says. “I sing since a young age and I always dreamed of being a singer. I realized that it is what I want to do until I die at 13 years old. Music is my life, my escape, my everything and my lifesaver. 

If I can help people with my music, if I can make them feel understood, important, loved and less alone, if I can be the light in their day or their moonlight in the dark, I will be the happiest. This is one of the reasons I love to make music.”




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