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Mental Health Experts Share The #1 Action To Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Teams that know their own, and their colleagues’ strengths, are 
using this to ensure they work together more effectively.

We all know that too much stress is not only detrimental to our physical health but also inhibits performance. Work-related stress affects peoples’ lives differently; for some, it leads to less creative thinking, difficulty making decisions, limited focus or sometimes obstructed communication.

Left unaddressed, it can become the fast-track to low morale, higher employee turnover and burnout. Recent studies have found that employee resilience is associated with decreased stress and that those people with low resilience are four times more likely to experience burnout.

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What does resilience in the workplace look like?

It’s not that resilient individuals have fewer stressors at work, but rather, they are better equipped, through mental health training and cognitive tools, to manage the challenges they face. Evidence shows that resilient employees engage in three specific behaviors, which help them remain focused and optimistic despite setbacks or uncertainty.

Most training providers are training-only companies, wellbeing specialists or large groups who cover the whole of healthcare. Onebright is differentiated as we are true experts in mental health. We purposefully choose not to dilute our expertise by expanding to other health services, making us a niche in the market.

At Onebright we work with mental health clinicians who are experts in workplace mental health. The specific expertise of our trainers inspires trust, encourages open dialogue around mental health and effectively upskills a manager’s ability to support issues with mental health in the workplace.

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