True Story: I Found Big Foot Book by Dustin Teudhope

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"I was stoked about the deer that must be living around there. Kevin was just like, ‘Oh yeah, there are real monsters in these woods."
Excerpts from True Story: I Found Big Foot by Dustin Teudhope

Yes, it is a true story; I have actually found the creature of legend that many refer to as Bigfoot. I like to call them Georgies though. Bigfoot is really just an adjective describing a body part, not a name. Plus the plural form of the word as such doesn't make sense. I mean, why would society accept a species with an illegitimate name? These highly intelligent, super-elusive wild primates possess supernatural strength, speed, and power. They truly are rulers over the food chain in the animal kingdom. Georgie just stuck for me as a name after an expedition with the KBFRO (Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization) in which a little girl had showed up and referred to these creatures as such. 

When I first heard this, I instantly thought of Curious George, the pet monkey from the kids' books. Then I later found out that she was comparing these animals to George of the Jungle, the man who was raised in the jungle by monkeys. Then when you factor in all of the evidence of these creatures from the Chattahoochee watershed, the name Georgie just seems fitting. Now this is only a nickname for these beasts of the Southeast. After studying the videos from my trail cameras frame by frame, I've came to the conclusion that these animals resemble a cross between a bear and a gorilla. On the other hand some of my good friends think they look like werewolves. Taking all this into consideration, I've decided to officially name these relatively undiscovered creatures Bewerearillas! These animals are 100 percent real, and people should beware because they are killers.

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