The Great Thing About Songwriting by Seth Hilary Jackson @SongDude

The other day, I was going through the numbers for my recent song, "Gratitude and a Heartbeat". One of the charts showed a breakdown by country, and I was surprised and a bit pround to see that, of all the countries in the world, the one where the song was getting the most engagement was Ukraine. 

After I thought about it a little, it made sense. Although the song has nothing to do with war or anything remotely similar, the overall message of the song is being thankful for what little we may have and just to be alive. I can see how that message might resonate with people in a war-torn country.

It's safe to say that most songwriters hope their songs can affect someone in a positive way, and it feels good to think that perhaps mine has done that.

Listen to the song on Spotify.or go to and hear it on your favorite streaming platform or my official website.



In my last message to you, I mentioned the line of merchandise I created around this song, but marketing whiz that I am, I didn't think to include pictures. So now, I'm including some. You can buy the items here.






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