SINGLE ∙ POP ∙ 2022 Let You Know performed by Life Adjusted

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Life Adjusted is the in-house, DIY, progressive metal project of former Army specialist Chase Grim

The musical journey of Chase Grim began at age 10 when he received a guitar from his parents as a birthday gift. He has not put it down since. Completely self-taught on both guitar and drums, Grim began playing in church worship bands as a 13-year-old and wrote his first song at 14.

Grim took his love of music with him when he was stationed in Iraq in 2009 and 2011 as an E-4 specialist. Grim would play songs on a cheap guitar hooked up to an even cheaper amplifier just to relieve the stress of the experience.

It was also during his time in the military that Grim met Cedric “Legacy City” Bellamy who taught him about the mechanics of songwriting, showing him how to structure a song, but more importantly, how to make a song stick in the listener’s ear.

After returning home from active duty, Grim took to his MacBook and began recording songs both as a solo artist and in collaboration with connections he made throughout his travels. Grim has kept up the practice of writing and recording music in tandem with musicians across the world to this day.

Inspired by the heavy percussion and deeply introspective lyrics of bands like The Devil Wears Prada and Slipknot, Grim began recording under his progressive metal moniker Life Adjusted in 2019. Since then, Grim has amassed a database of over 100 songs that are just waiting for the right time and the right touch.

Approaching his work like a musical mad scientist, Grim’s music grows organically out of experimentation, fusing together elements of heavy metal, pop-punk, dubstep and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. For his latest track, “Let You Know,” Grim even brought in elements of emo after working with LA singer-songwriter Eric Formhals.

In addition to Formhals, Grim has worked with artists both at home in North Texas and abroad to bring Life Adjusted out of the shadows. Italian session singer Eric Castiglia contributed heavily to Life Adjusted’s 2021 debut album, Transition, as well as Dallas singer-songwriter David Southern.

As Grim travels across the country as a field technician for a clean energy company, he is continuously looking for more artists to expand the breadth and depth of his Life Adjusted project. Anyone interested in working with Grim can contact him through his Instagram: @life_adjusted_official




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