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Author Daryl Omar @realonlybooks

I write fantasy, fiction, romance, finances & economics usually from an Afrocentric or multicultural perspective. My books are for those who want to understand and then conquer capitalism. I do not write self-help my writing is the help. You can read my books to gain perspective into relationships, human psychology, world politics, religion & spirituality and building generational wealth.

I look forward to hearing feedback about my writing!

Horror Stories For Brown Folk

I wanted to create a collection of my more paranormal and psychological-thriller work people have never seen. As well as two newly released pieces that haven't been widely available. One story that is BRAND NEW.

If you do not find these stories horrific then I apologize. Though, I sincerely doubt this will be a legitimate complaint considering I wrote them, and these story still give me chills! So, I guess what is more appropriate is a TRIGGER WARNING! There are some gruesome, taboo, controversial, and topics talked about that have gotten men killed! The bravery of posting such a book speaks to the true horror between these covers. Though, I assure you Ladies and Gentlemen it is a ride you will regret missing!

In this urban-fiction, psychological thriller collection are:

Family Man is a charming story of a father who loves his family, and his wife too much. Unable to come to grips with reality. Full-time father, Martin is confronted by his children and neighbor by a horrific truth.

A Curious Night At Madam LaLaurie’s is about Kenneth, a wealthy Black real-estate owner seeking to buy a new home in Absecon, NJ. The young Black man finds himself in a wealthy, all-night neighborhood for a night of horror.

The Soldier in the Witch Coven is about Secret Agent, Morgan Sameera is sent into an old temple in search of the source of a disease affecting the entire region of Maya. He had hoped to find it abandoned but instead found a coven of witches led a by a priest possessed by the Devil.

Divine Intercession is about Enoch Carter, an Angel Detective on a nightly patrol when he finds himself stuck on Earth during a demon invasion on Earth. This 9 part story is featured here, taking place over 24hrs as Enoch is stuck as the one angel on earth, fighting for his life against the demon horde.

A Beautiful Switch is about Blair wakes up for work and finds himself having a cross between a heart attack and seizure. He woke up hours later as a woman, confused, terrified, and feeling sick. Bombarded with alerts of the company bank account being empty, debt collectors, and bankruptcy. Blair's first thought was to suicide. Instead on a whim she texted her VP, Andrew Copeland praying he could put aside his hatred to help Blair.


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