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Big Come Back for UK Reggae Legend Basil Gabbidon as He Releases His New Album "Let's Live" #UK #Reggae #LetsLIVE


Basil Gabbidon, A founding member of Steel Pulse, one of the biggest Reggae bands to come out of Birmingham and the UK, GABBIDON makes sure that Reggae music remains live in Birmingham, the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

This album was put together during the 2020 Lockdown, inspired by the George Floyd and COVID 19 events as well as the inappropriate behavior of major governments.  Love, peace and togetherness are also covered as we live in hope of better days to come.  Enjoy with an open mind.  OR:  Relax and let your imagination run wild.

The album also features Israel Vernon, Skank N Rub,  Shaik Faisal Ahmed on (Keyboard) on the
Track 3 . DANCE DANCE and  Track 4 . SUN GOES DOWN and Colin Gabbidon (Drum Percussion), Deminus features on Track 9. FALSE MESSAGE AND STORIES.

The upcoming record set to be released on OCT. 15, is a nine tracks music project which will be available on all major music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer among others. This move is aimed at fans to hear the hidden treasures of multiple award-winning UK reggae legend Basil Gabbidon's musical talent with a digital exposure, as in nowadays marketing and promotion within the music industry.   
His expectation after the release of his album is that, “the words in the song will touch the heart and soul of all humanity with love for all of humanity” and hopes that the fans will appreciate it.
Songs On The Album

1 . EASY      -  Do we need to climb on top of each other at all cost, for the sake of wealth and domination?  The Lockdown, via the internet, has given us more time to open our eyes to the misuse of power granted.

2 . OH JAH JAH (SOMEONE’S CRYING) - Some are well fed, with “food” in ABUNDANCE while, in this modern world, some of us are still hungry in a variety of ways.  War still rages creating poverty, famine and destitution.

3 . DANCE DANCE - I loved going to “Blues Parties”. The sound box kicking out those heavy bass lines, when time stood still, well into the morning, lost in music and vibes.

4 . SUN GOES DOWN - Never give up.  Time never stands still.  Let’s keep our hearts and minds wide open for eventual change.  Be ready. Keep on moving Y’all… Stay hopeful!.

5 . NUBIAN QUEEN - Back to the Dancehall.  Money can’t buy love that’s for sure.  We are all looking for that special one, inspired by those who chase money and wealth while forgetting the simple things.

6 . BE MY BABY - Talking about days of young love, mystery and innocence, not being fully aware of what it’s about.

7 . THIS GENERATION - I imagine being on stage, with a mass of people swaying and dancing, all around, everyone singing the same song of peace. Wouldn’t that be well coooool!

8 . LET’S GO LIVING - We love Reggae music and the memories it brings. Those days of innocence are still with us. We grow older but still remain the same.

9 . FALSE MESSAGE AND STORIES - How easy is it for others to spread rumors and hearsay to the detriment of others?

We now have social media and mobile phones making it harder for the authorities to hide their misbehavior.  We’ve got the evidence!

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