Folsom Prison Blues Performed by: Alison Wahl, Brian Berggoetz #Folk

  Artist bio: Brian Berggoetz is based in Tucson, Arizona. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and in...

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So What Music Festival Promo Code - 2022 Lineup Includes - WAKA FLOCKA FLAME #WAKAFLOCKAFLAME

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The So What Music Festival Promo Code is "RSVP". Use the So What Music Festival Promo Code "RSVP" when buying discount tickets to the 
So What Music Festival.

The So What Music Festival has partnered with an Austin SEO Company that provides Full Stack Digital marketing consulting and technology implementations to support branding, marketing, and ticket sales. DIQ SEO provides digital marketing consulting, SEO, website development, mobile apps, PPC, social media marketing, automation technology, design, and advanced analytics for the event industry as well as other b2b and b2c companies.

So What Music Festival Tickets information
3-day general admission - 4 pack Tickets and Passes
Friday General Admission Tickets and Passes
Saturday General Admission Tickets and Passes
Sunday General Admission Tickets and Passes
VIP Tickets and Passes

So What Music Festival 2022 Lineup
SUM 41

Erik Avery
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Biblical Combat: David Challenges Goliath's 'Feats of Clay' What is the Deal with the Magic Beans? #MagicBeans

In This Corner, the Challenger:
Dr. Norman Quintero is a successful businessman, prominent international humanitarian and mental health professional with 2 PhD’s. Moreover, he is the Founder and Pastor of Iglesia Getsemani – a church that serves one of the poorest communities in the State of California. For decades, he has provided – continues to provide - food, shelter, clothing and social services to millions around the world as well as those in his own community.

His Opponent, the Defendant:
Benny Hinn is a high school dropout who with his “Chief Executive”, Don Price, has created a miasma of tax-exempt business entities (only 8 of 16 still exist at last count) over the past decades. Donations to God are solicited via innumerable videos and live extravaganzas featuring faith healing, various versions of a "prosperity gospel", miracles and merch.

So, now in Dr. Norman Quintero ... David has become a sleeping giant of what Christianity actually means … and has been awakened. Once again, David will meet Goliath.

Mene Mene Tekel
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Traveling as a Vegan Amidst a Pandemic

Being vegan whilst discovering the world is gradually becoming easier. Several tourism agencies have started specializing in vegan travelling, promoting experiences where eating plant-based is easy to accommodate. BeVeg proudly represents one of them: Vegantravelasia by VEGVOYAGES, who offers cultural immersion and local travelling, whilst having a focus on veganism in all its aspects.

In 2021 they won the “Asia’s responsible tourism award” and this Friday (17th of February) they are together with other vegan advocates going live on Unchained TV about the organization of the largest vegan festival in the Himalayas. Recently they were also featured in an online summit, Traveling in a new vegan world.

Apart from travelling with such vegan-focused companies, there are other ways vegan journeys can be accomplished with ease. Nowadays, there are vegan hotels, vegan restaurants, vegan alcohol apps, and vegan labels that help make the quest for a vegan lifestyle more attainable. For instance, when we travel, we may not understand the language or know how to read the ingredients, but we all can understand a global universal worldwide trademark. The BeVeg vegan certification trademark is registered globally on six continents and is the only trademark for vegan label claims recognized to be in accordance with the International Standardization Organization standards (ISO), making BeVeg the most legally vegan trademark in the world.

Carissa Kranz
BeVeg International
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Norine Braun a Vancouver Based Singer-Songwriter Recording Artist Performs the 2022 Dance Song Titled "Sex In The Forest"

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A Vancouver based singer-songwriter recording artist, Norine Braun is set to release her 13th album, the groove oriented Songs For Trees in May 2022. Thanks to a Canada Council For the Arts Award and a First Peoples’ Cultural Council Award in 2021, Norine set her musings during the ongoing pandemic last year to focus on climate change and the healing power of trees.

Emotional, heartfelt and eclectic, Braun is an award-winning artist (Western Canadian Music Award nominee, Banff Centre Musician in Residence, Los Angeles Independent Music Awards, SIBL International Songwriting Competition). Her music is described as “delicious alt-rock with bluesy country hues.” Braun released her 12th album December Falls for Christmas 2020. It was heralded as one of 5 new seasonal releases worth putting under your tree by The Vancouver Sun.

Songs For Trees album was produced by Adam Popowitz, who also played lead guitar and bass alongside Elliot Polsky on drums and percussion, Alice Fraser on keyboards, and Huggybear Leonard on blues harp, harmonica, ocarina and penny whistle, with Braun supplying rhythm guitar in addition to lead vocals. Songs For Trees is due on May 4, and can be pre-ordered HERE as part of a crowdfunding campaign for publicity including music videos and promotion for the new album.


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Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner of Red Hawk Coaching Customizes the Coaching Experience for Houston, TX Real Estate Agents

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While coaching options are available for Houston, Texas real estate agents, coaching from a box doesn’t address the individual's needs or circumstances.

You may hear catchy phrases like "success leaves clues", and 
while this is a truthy statement, others' successes 
do not necessarily determine someone else's successes." 
Jeremy Williams

Red Hawk Coaching is an industry leader in providing real estate coaching services for real estate agents in the Greater Houston area and across Texas. The coaching program is a month-to-month opportunity with no contracts. 30 minute appointments are scheduled on a weekly basis to discuss specific challenges both in business and life that are preventing someone from maximizing their potential, to develop an action plan, and to hold an agent accountable to their actions and plan. Jeremy realizes as a coach that everyone is uniquely made and brings attributes to the table that may differ from another client. He also realizes someone's circumstances may vary from someone else that is also focused on being an elite real estate sales professional. Jeremy coaches both on business and life because they both are deeply entangled where most large coaching organizations focus solely on business. The ultimate goal for Jeremy is to assist other real estate agents to soar both in business and life. The results from his clients are evidence that the coaching process works.

Jeremy is also the Best-Selling Author of the book, Survive Scale Soar - The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the Life and Business You Deserve. Outside of business, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, two amazing children, and his two dogs. For more information regarding the coaching services offered by Jeremy Williams, Owner of Red Hawk Coaching, schedule a FREE business strategy call today.

Jeremy Williams
Red Hawk Coaching
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Musselwhite Marketing Announces Partnership Selection By ASNOA

ASNOA reveals Partnership with Musselwhite Marketing for 
Website design, Maintenance, SEO & More!

Musselwhite Marketing, a full service digital marketing agency, is proud to announce partnership selection by The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA), a fully integrated service and support provider that helps independent insurance agents grow their business with accounting, licensing, systems onboarding, marketing, skills training, and continuing education. This partnership provides ASNOA’s 3,000+ affiliates with WordPress and WiX website support, maintenance and creation to increase and improve their agency’s online presence and credibility.

Charles and Linda Musselwhite, owners of Musselwhite Marketing ran their own insurance agency for almost 8 years before opening their marketing agency providing website creation and management, content marketing, email marketing, online ads marketing, video marketing, social media marketing and reviews for independent insurance agents and their agencies.

2022 Announcement
ASNOA revealed this partnership at the turn of 2022 to their affiliates. Daniel Molinero said, “we spent several months carefully reviewing and interviewing potential partners before ultimately partnering with Musselwhite Marketing. Their experience in insurance and digital marketing is a dual advantage for our affiliates”

Why Website Maintenance And Management Is Important
Simply having a website is not enough. Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running at full capacity and staying current! Just like cars, websites require maintenance to operate properly. Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors, boost returning traffic, and more.

Updating website content regularly is an important part of running any business with an online presence. When you keep your site’s content updated, visitors will feel your site is more trustworthy and be more likely to end up making a purchase.

About Musselwhite Marketing
Musselwhite Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency founded by husband and wife team, Charles and Linda Musselwhite, creators of the 7-Pillars of Digital Marketing strategies and tactics for:

Online Ads
Social Media
Reviews & Testimonials

Musselwhite Marketing is not a big box marketing agency but a modest team managing massive marketing systems. They invest lots of time, money, and effort every month attending conferences, participating in masterminds, testing new products, tools, and processes. We know what’s working, what isn’t and what’s coming.

The Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) is one of the largest, leading networks of independent insurance agents that provides more than just carrier access and top-tier commissions. ASNOA is a fully integrated service, support, and marketing provider that helps independent agents grow their business. Learn more at www.asnoa.com.

Charles Musselwhite
Musselwhite Marketing
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New Payment Options Help Clients Achieve Hair Happiness - Medical Wigs, Weaves and Hair Pieces

New Payment Options Restore Hair Happiness in 2022

"Looking good and feeling confident about yourself, should not have a cost. We're super excited to be able to close the 
disparity gap and make a difference."
Ganesa Robinson

Weave Got the Look has added 3 new payment options to make it easier for clients who are experiencing thinning and hair loss to achieve 'hair happiness'.

"This is a win-win for all of our clients. With the high costs of medical wigs and hairpieces that come as an added expense with hair loss due to chemo therapy or Alopecia. We understand that not everyone is in a position to purchase a quality wig to help get through their physical transformation during their hair growth journey," said Ganesa Robinson, Owner, Weave got the Look

As a solution to help more clients, Weave Got the Look has added additional payment options for clients to purchase medical wigs and accessories that are not automatically covered by insurance. "We're so happy to be in a position to help fill this need. At this time, we can accept insurance where medical wigs are covered as durable medical equipment. We also plan to add Care Credit in the next few weeks," says Ms. Robinson, who just received her Cranial Prosthesis Specialist (CPS) certification.

Shoppers can use the following new payment options:

1. Shop Pay App - 4 No Interest Payment Installments 

2. Insurance Flexible Spending Account (FSA/HSA)

3. Medical Insurance Plan (Eligible Plans)

Weave Got the Look will assist clients with the required paperwork to process their respective purchases. Complete the Medical Wig Insurance Program contact form here to prequalify for the program. 

Contact the Wig Concierge for questions about payment options at 855-45-WEAVE or www.weavegotlooks.com

Ganesa Robinson
Weave Got the Look
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Mrs. Lincoln Didn't Steal the Manure, Says New Book by Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D.

Lincoln Studies Just Likes to Fling It at the First Lady

Actually, she put a stop to the groundskeepers’ theft of the 
manure and put the money back where it belonged." 
Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D.

The Lincolns’ horses produced an endless supply of manure, but “there’d also be a cow or two, and chickens for the table.” Woodrow Wilson’s flock of sheep is remembered as part of his wartime economy drive, but he’d had them there since before we entered World War I, and he wasn’t the first to keep sheep at the White House anyway. In fact, the sweeping lawns of the Executive Mansion were usually planted to hay and clover to feed the livestock.

That’s where the manure comes in. Like gardeners today, Johnson says, “the groundskeepers didn’t think of it as waste but as fertilizer.” On the open market in Washington, a cartload of manure could fetch as much as $16.00, nearly $500.00 in today’s money, about what you’d have to pay for it today.

The story may have been in circulation at the time. Maunsell Field of New York said that he’d heard “from a Senator, who was appointed chairman of an investigating committee upon the subject at a secret session of the Senate, that a state dinner was paid for out of an appropriation for fertilizers for the grounds connected with the Executive Mansion.” But notice that Field, one of Lincoln’s high officials in the Treasury, had no direct knowledge of such a transaction. “And he didn’t mention this story until 1875,” Johnson says.

As you see, Field’s note takes the money out of the manure heap into direct federal appropriations and escalates the transaction from ice cream to a whole state dinner: but even then it only confirms that the money went to a public purpose. “In fact, that would’ve been a perfectly normal cash flow at the White House then,” Johnson says. “It still is.”

So, as far as Glenn's statement means anything at all it just indicates that after Mary Todd Lincoln set things to rights the money derived from the White House's livestock went to pay expenses at the White House, which is where it was supposed to go.

Evidently previous incumbents didn’t notice or didn’t care, but Mary Lincoln was an excellent manager, and nobody’s fool. She inspected the White House from top to bottom, the first First Lady to set foot in the kitchens in decades, and busied herself setting the whole place to rights. “She was ridiculed for rolling up her little sleeves and showing the staff how to cook and clean,” Johnson says, “but somebody should have done that before the people were hired.” Taking on the groundskeepers’ embezzlement was just part of her program.

But what about the ice cream? “Well,” Johnson says, “what do you think the cows were for?”

The Lincolns in the White House is available for pre-order exclusively at Pangaeus.com.

Kevin Orlin Johnson
Pangaeus Press
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Equator Launches Very Peri Color of the Year All-in-One Washer and Dryer

The launch of the Peri Color EZ 5500 CV Combo Washer and Dryer 
retains its exceptional and unrivaled features

Today, Equator Appliances is thrilled to announce the launch of its 18 lbs Combination Washer and Dryer Machine in Peri, the color of the year. The Super Combo EZ 5500 has been a brilliant innovation to Equator Appliances’ fleet of products featuring four washing modes, including sanitize, allergen, quiet, and winterize. This version in Peri does not feel any different in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Made for every home, the Super Combo Washer-Dryer features a color-coded, intuitive control panel with a fully automated, simple 2-Step operation. With a capacity of 18 lbs, the Super Combo can wash and dry completely automatically in a single unit. It uses sensors to measure the correct amount of water for a wash load and the heat sufficient to dry clothing at an optimal time without wasting energy.

The Peri Color Super Combo EZ 5500 CV offers top-notch convenience allowing users to wash and dry up 18 lbs of laundry. It also allows users to add laundry and get them cleaned properly after the machine has started washing the laundry added at the beginning. The drying cycle in this washing machine uses dual fans, and it is the only combo washing machine in the world that offers an optional vented or condensing dry mode, which can be changed according to the season at the touch of a button.

With COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria making the rounds, the EZ 5500 CV machine heats water to 165°F to sanitize clothes. It is a handy machine, perfect for people working in hospitals and contaminated areas, helping to stop the spread of the prevalent COVID-19 virus. The machine also features a self-clean option where it cleans the inner drum and tub to remove mold, dirt, and bacteria, thereby making cleaning the machine by oneself optional. Additionally, it comes with an antimicrobial treatment technology used in the drum baffles to avoid the growth of bacteria to keep clothes safe.

About Equator Appliances

Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1991. Its product line includes laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers, and other essential home appliances. The company’s groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media, including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal, and Oprah.Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating innovative products that solve real problems in its customers’ lives. For more information, please visit www.equatorappliances.com.

Nick Mathews
Equator Advanced Appliances
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Pro Football Player Turned Consulting CEO Helping Entrepreneurs to Optimize Health, Life, Business and even the Bedroom

Tanqueray Towns is pleased to announce he is helping entrepreneurs and business owners to optimize their health and reach higher performance peaks in life, business, and even the bedroom.

Tanqueray Towns is an ex pro football player turned CEO of Aggressive Intelligence, a performance consulting company that provides one of the most influential personal success programs, Neuro Square Masterclass. The program helps participants to optimize their body, nutrition, and lifestyle using a model that transforms results and purpose. Neuro Square Masterclass has been so popular that some of the company’s private CEO clients have copied the system in 69+ countries.

According to Towns, there’s a real hidden issue when it comes to entrepreneurs and this “hustle” culture that breeds burnout, low sex drive, and early mortality rates. This may feel like they are not working hard enough, especially if they are still managing to find the time to take care of their health.

For more information about Tanqueray Towns and his Neuro Square Masterclass, please visit https://aggressiveintellimitlesslifestyle.com/free-training.

About Tanqueray Towns

Tanqueray Towns is a renowned neurological and physical training expert focusing on working with entrepreneurs and business owners to find true purpose and next level performance. He is also the CEO of Aggressive Intelligence, boasting a unique method of building custom programs for high level leadership members based around neuro-typing that gets results in all four areas of their life and performance.

Tanqueray Towns
Aggressive Intelligence
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