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Author Daryl Omar @realonlybooks

I write fantasy, fiction, romance, finances & economics usually from an Afrocentric or multicultural perspective. My books are for those who want to understand and then conquer capitalism. I do not write self-help my writing is the help. You can read my books to gain perspective into relationships, human psychology, world politics, religion & spirituality and building generational wealth.

I look forward to hearing feedback about my writing!

Horror Stories For Brown Folk

I wanted to create a collection of my more paranormal and psychological-thriller work people have never seen. As well as two newly released pieces that haven't been widely available. One story that is BRAND NEW.

If you do not find these stories horrific then I apologize. Though, I sincerely doubt this will be a legitimate complaint considering I wrote them, and these story still give me chills! So, I guess what is more appropriate is a TRIGGER WARNING! There are some gruesome, taboo, controversial, and topics talked about that have gotten men killed! The bravery of posting such a book speaks to the true horror between these covers. Though, I assure you Ladies and Gentlemen it is a ride you will regret missing!

In this urban-fiction, psychological thriller collection are:

Family Man is a charming story of a father who loves his family, and his wife too much. Unable to come to grips with reality. Full-time father, Martin is confronted by his children and neighbor by a horrific truth.

A Curious Night At Madam LaLaurie’s is about Kenneth, a wealthy Black real-estate owner seeking to buy a new home in Absecon, NJ. The young Black man finds himself in a wealthy, all-night neighborhood for a night of horror.

The Soldier in the Witch Coven is about Secret Agent, Morgan Sameera is sent into an old temple in search of the source of a disease affecting the entire region of Maya. He had hoped to find it abandoned but instead found a coven of witches led a by a priest possessed by the Devil.

Divine Intercession is about Enoch Carter, an Angel Detective on a nightly patrol when he finds himself stuck on Earth during a demon invasion on Earth. This 9 part story is featured here, taking place over 24hrs as Enoch is stuck as the one angel on earth, fighting for his life against the demon horde.

A Beautiful Switch is about Blair wakes up for work and finds himself having a cross between a heart attack and seizure. He woke up hours later as a woman, confused, terrified, and feeling sick. Bombarded with alerts of the company bank account being empty, debt collectors, and bankruptcy. Blair's first thought was to suicide. Instead on a whim she texted her VP, Andrew Copeland praying he could put aside his hatred to help Blair.


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Big Come Back for UK Reggae Legend Basil Gabbidon as He Releases His New Album "Let's Live" #UK #Reggae #LetsLIVE


Basil Gabbidon, A founding member of Steel Pulse, one of the biggest Reggae bands to come out of Birmingham and the UK, GABBIDON makes sure that Reggae music remains live in Birmingham, the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

This album was put together during the 2020 Lockdown, inspired by the George Floyd and COVID 19 events as well as the inappropriate behavior of major governments.  Love, peace and togetherness are also covered as we live in hope of better days to come.  Enjoy with an open mind.  OR:  Relax and let your imagination run wild.

The album also features Israel Vernon, Skank N Rub,  Shaik Faisal Ahmed on (Keyboard) on the
Track 3 . DANCE DANCE and  Track 4 . SUN GOES DOWN and Colin Gabbidon (Drum Percussion), Deminus features on Track 9. FALSE MESSAGE AND STORIES.

The upcoming record set to be released on OCT. 15, is a nine tracks music project which will be available on all major music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer among others. This move is aimed at fans to hear the hidden treasures of multiple award-winning UK reggae legend Basil Gabbidon's musical talent with a digital exposure, as in nowadays marketing and promotion within the music industry.   
His expectation after the release of his album is that, “the words in the song will touch the heart and soul of all humanity with love for all of humanity” and hopes that the fans will appreciate it.
Songs On The Album

1 . EASY      -  Do we need to climb on top of each other at all cost, for the sake of wealth and domination?  The Lockdown, via the internet, has given us more time to open our eyes to the misuse of power granted.

2 . OH JAH JAH (SOMEONE’S CRYING) - Some are well fed, with “food” in ABUNDANCE while, in this modern world, some of us are still hungry in a variety of ways.  War still rages creating poverty, famine and destitution.

3 . DANCE DANCE - I loved going to “Blues Parties”. The sound box kicking out those heavy bass lines, when time stood still, well into the morning, lost in music and vibes.

4 . SUN GOES DOWN - Never give up.  Time never stands still.  Let’s keep our hearts and minds wide open for eventual change.  Be ready. Keep on moving Y’all… Stay hopeful!.

5 . NUBIAN QUEEN - Back to the Dancehall.  Money can’t buy love that’s for sure.  We are all looking for that special one, inspired by those who chase money and wealth while forgetting the simple things.

6 . BE MY BABY - Talking about days of young love, mystery and innocence, not being fully aware of what it’s about.

7 . THIS GENERATION - I imagine being on stage, with a mass of people swaying and dancing, all around, everyone singing the same song of peace. Wouldn’t that be well coooool!

8 . LET’S GO LIVING - We love Reggae music and the memories it brings. Those days of innocence are still with us. We grow older but still remain the same.

9 . FALSE MESSAGE AND STORIES - How easy is it for others to spread rumors and hearsay to the detriment of others?

We now have social media and mobile phones making it harder for the authorities to hide their misbehavior.  We’ve got the evidence!

If you feature this story in your publication, blog or site, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us know.


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Natural Strategies to Reduce Bloating and Water Retention - #Bloating #WaterRetention

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, June 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- There are many different circumstances which can bring about excessive water retention - also known as fluid retention or oedema. We end up feeling bloated around the middle or we're plagued with fat, swollen ankles.

This can happen in pregnancy – especially in the latter part where the baby is bigger and contributing more waste to mum’s elimination system. Swelling also occurs when people are exposed to toxic chemicals or the wrong medications; they eat a diet of processed, junk foods; they're an alcoholic; they don’t get enough exercise; or they have some kind of injury, congenital or genetic problem with their detoxification and elimination system.

Some people have digestive disorders which can make their digestive system slow and sluggish, which will slow down detoxification as well. People with cardiovascular issues or congestive heart failure have problems with blood circulation, which limits the blood supply to the kidneys. If the blood filtering process is compromised, then pH levels can slip to acidic levels. This makes the blood somewhat thicker with platelet stickiness. It also causes inflammatory conditions which can often spread in the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys.


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The Upcoming Week at Harvelle's Santa Monica, CA #SantaMonica #CA Live Band Karaoke and Matthew Einstein and The Relatives

Our Upcoming Week

EM the MASTER with EM & the GEMS

Every Tuesday! You have to see her to understand

June 07 - July 26

Live Band Karaoke

Every Wednesday! Come in Sign up SING with the band!!

June 08 - June 29

Little Miss Nasty

The Iconic Originators of Rock n Roll Burlesque

June 09

Ray Bailey Birthday Bash with Special Guests

The Incomparable Ray Bailey

June 10

Matthew Einstein and The Relatives

Saturday Night Special!

June 11


Every Sunday If you haven't see this show, you must! If you have seen it, you must!

June 12 - July 31

ALL-STAR Pro Jam hosted by CC Thomas Jr Benefit Show

Every Monday! Come in Sign up PLAY!

June 13 - July 25

(310) 395-1676

Harvelle's Santa Monica

1432 4th Street

Santa Monica CA 90401


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#Musicians and Mental Health #Stress In The #Music Industry #InTheLimeLight #Recognition #Followers #FansOfMusic #NumbersUp #MusicIndstry #MentalHealth

According to a study done by the University of Westminster and MusicTank of musicians, 68.5% of 2,211 said they have experienced depression, and 71.1% said they had experienced severe anxiety or panic attacks. These results show that musicians are 3 times more susceptible to depression than the average person.  Resource 


We are a professional organization of 850,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, founded and governed by its members, and the world leader in performance royalties, advocacy and service for music creators.

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Famous Musicians Who Committed Suicide
  1. Naomi Judd
  2. Kurt Cobain
  3. Chris Cornell
  4. Avicii
  5. Michael Hutchence
  6. Ian Curtis
  7. Elliott Smith
  8. Nick Drake
  9. Keith Flint
  10. Chester Bennington


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SONG ∙ SINGER/SONGWRITER ∙ 2021 One More Fairy Tale by Clayton John

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Clayton writes and sings music inspired by the best of 60's/70's pop as well as by the great old school songs he heard his mom playing while he was growing up in the Motor City.

Clayton’s music has been played on Jango Radio, The Warp Factor radio show, and at the New Music in the Gallery concert series in downtown Chicago. Clayton has twice performed on the Bay Stage at the Solano County Fair and has done a one-man show at Walnut Creek's Lesher Center for the Arts.

Highlights of his Instagram account include several handsome pictures of him wearing various colored shirts -- and sometimes none at all!

At one point you could find Clayton sitting behind the Steinway at Nordstrom, where he was a regular pianist for several years.

Clayton is a graduate of Stanford University with an A.B. in Music with a concentration in Composition.


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Author Erica Roberts

The Journey

The Journey is about a woman who grew up as a young girl in the project, both parents, and suffer with Asthma all her life. She experienced a lot of short comings in her life but one thing you will read in the book is she never gave up on herself. She experienced things like a man walking out her life, domestic violence, etc. but she always found a way to pick herself up and keep moving. She became this lady that know what she want out of life and she go for it.

Sister I Got Your Back

Sister I Got Your Back is about this young lady by the name of Danielle who grew up in New York with both parents. Danielle was in a relationship with a handsome guy by the name of Matthew. They were the perfect couple looking from the outside in. Matthew would buy Danielle things to show her that he loves her. Little things started happening in the relationship that started to show signs of Domestic Violence, but Danielle was in love. Matthew ask her to move to New Orleans for a fresh start to their relationship. Danielle said yes to the move to New Orleans. Once they moved to New Orleans, she met this young lady but the name of Jay. Jay and Danielle become friends that was very tight as time go on. Jay did every and anything for Danielle because she look at her as a sister and she want to protect her sister.


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2022 Country Song "Hard For Me To Say" by Allen Jaffe

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Born and raised in Colorado. Graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and lived in Boulder for most of my life. Now residing in Mazatlán, Mexico and enjoying the chill life.


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Christian Song So Good by Rico Dawson follow him on Twitter @Rico5012

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Musical Biography written by Rico Leandray Dawson

The musical journey of singer-songwriter Rico L. Dawson began in an improbable setting, the United States Army. While serving in the military, Rico became a member of the amateur R&B group, “Finesse.” As a founding member of this group, he not only performed but wrote the single “To Be With You.” His next foray into music provided formal training and experience. He left the army and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Industry Studies with a concentration in Music Business Administration at Elizabeth City State University.

Other musical pursuits include joining an additional group, “Next Episode.” During his tenure with this group of performers, he co-wrote the soulful “A Lonely Night: and co-wrote “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.” The latter was recorded by “Next Episode” and featured on a CD compilation project, at his alma mater, entitled “Check the Resume: Vol. 1.”Later, he worked as an intern for Intersection Records, an independent record label. While there, he continued writing and composing. “Don’t Look No Further” is one of his best efforts during his tenure at the company.

Circumstances brought Dawson back to his home state. Upon returning to the Carolinas, Rico began working with a local producer, Lee Tate. This collaboration birthed the songs “Promises” and “Come Back to Me” Soon after, in 1998, he participated in a music seminar sponsored by WNAA-FM radio station. In December of that year, he showcased his demo for the Philadelphia Music Conference in Philadelphia, PA. After taking a year away from the music scene, he returned in the spring of 2000 to collaborate on a local compilation CD “Goldsboro 27530.” On that CD, he co-wrote and recorded three songs, “All I Want to Do,” “Do You Wanna Dance,” and “Turn Away.” These three songs were well received on the underground circuit.

In 2001, he co-wrote and sang background on the single “Take Our Time” on Richard Ashe’s debut independent CD, “Anticipation.” The single received positive feedback in the Durham, NC area. During that time, Rico began to teach music education in the Wayne County Public Schools. He wrote, produced, and arranged numerous original music selections for several schools from 2001 – 2004.

In 2004, Rico gave his life to Christ, thus putting him on a different path, musically. He no longer produced music for man’s glory, but for God’s glory. He began to put together gospel music selections, and with God’s help, he produced numerous contemporary gospel music selections. In 2006, Rico wrote and produced his debut contemporary gospel CD, “It’s Time.” Unfortunately, financial challenges prohibited the single from garnering commercial success. Dawson was delayed but not deterred. He used this respite to establish a stronger relationship with Christ. To that end, he has written, produced, and recorded several spiritual and reverent songs. Rico’s desire is that through his music that the body of Christ is edified, God is glorified, and the unbeliever is inspired to repent and turn to the Lord. He is currently a choir director at Springfield Middle School as well. While being assigned as a music educator, he has penned lyrics for a jazz composition performed by the De Sayles jazz band in 2015. Rico’s debut gospel album titled “Suppose To Be” was released in April 2021.


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